Contemplative Mentoring

Lama Karma has over ten years of mentorship experience, guiding practitioners on their personal path of practice. With a gentle and open approach, Lama Karma has sat with individuals and couples to help them engage with whatever approaches are the most beneficial and transformative.  

With a rare depth of qualification and experience, Lama Karma is able to meet people from a variety of backgrounds, wherever they may be at in their lives and practice.  

He offers personalized guidance in secular mindfulness meditation, yoga, and traditional Buddhist paths of theory and practice.


This work is an invitation to continually go deeper—to continually bring a deeper sense of meaning to our lives and practice.   It is to ask oneself the difficult questions about birth and death, about how to touch and heal the places that hurt the most, and about how we as individuals can learn to love ourselves and the world just as they are, while also learning to unlock the gifts that can most benefit ourselves and others.


Transformation:       “Head, Heart, and Habits”

Mentorship is about growth, about transformation. This work gets to the root of what it means to change and develop—to expand our view, to open our heart, and to transform our habits. When head, heart and habits are brought onto a path of practice, true and deep transformation is possible.


Mentoring is offered on a sliding scale of $80-$200 per hour. It is recommended to have sessions of 90 minutes, meeting weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.